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We are a family owned and operated accommodation business with no affiliation to any chain.

Our goals are

  • to provide comfortable rooms,
  • to provide our customers with the service we advertise,
  • to honour our staff for their performance,
  • to operate environmentally friendly,
  • to engage in our community affairs.

For the last 6 years we accomplished to refurbish and renovate all our rooms, became more focused on our customer segment and succeeded to half our energy consumption. The substantial investments we did should pay-off for our customers, the environment and for us, of course. After all, we are running a business. Yet we have not arrived where we would like to see our business finally. Therefore we continue to invest and aim to enhance our services further.

Having children ourselves, the frightening consequence of climate change bothers us. We believe everyone and every effort counts to reduce energy consumption. Our energy saving achievements are due to installing the most energy efficient appliances available on the market. Those investments will amortise over the years and reduce energy consumption instantly, hence reduce our carbon footprint.